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Software Engineer, based in
Southern California.

As passionate Software Engineer and designer, adept in fast-paced environments, specializing in crafting dynamic web and mobile applications to enhance user experiences. My profound love for technology drives me to continually explore new avenues for engineering software that enriches the lives of everyday users.

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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Sammy Alvarado, a proud United States Marine Veteran with a profound passion for design and development. My journey into improving software to enhance everyday user experiences began with a simple desire to help my own family navigate the digital world. This led me into the captivating realm of software development.As a skilled Full Stack Engineer, I've brought a wide range of web and iOS applications to life, harnessing technologies like ReactJS, SwiftUI, UIKit, Swift, and advanced JavaScript. My expertise extends to Microsoft SQL, where I've finely honed my skills in crafting databases, procedures, and user-defined tables (UDTs), resulting in significant enhancements to data management efficiency.My career evolution began at a startup, where I thrived in a fast-paced environment, continuously refining my skills. During this time, my primary focus was iOS development, and I worked extensively with the UIKit and SwiftUI frameworks to create responsive views for mobile applications.I'm thrilled to share my journey with you and extend a warm invitation to connect with me on LinkedIn. Whether it's a virtual coffee chat over Zoom or an in-person conversation, I eagerly anticipate connecting with fellow enthusiasts and professionals alike.

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WeVidIt, Inc

WeVidit is a native iOS, Android and web application that allow users to upload video projects to an immersive investment marketplace. The app was created for the entertainment industry. I worked as one of two principal iOS developers to build the project from the ground up. I had a direct impact on design decisions and was able to build a functional MVP within 3 months. The following tech stack was used to build this project.

iOS Tech Stack

  • Swift

  • SwiftUI

  • UIKit

  • WebKit

  • AVKit

  • Apollo GraphQL

  • Employed the Axios library to manage HTTP requests and guaranteed their successful execution by leveraging third-party services like Postman.

  • Enhanced code robustness by implementing preventive measures using React Props and PropTypes, effectively mitigating the introduction of bugs or errors.

  • Applied Agile principles to daily stand-ups, fostering active dynamic collaboration with colleagues, and conducted weekly code reviews through PRs. This ensured elevated code quality and adherence to project timelines.

Yellow Brick Financial

The YellowBrick Financial platform provides an extensive range of services, encompassing life insurance, 401k plans, annuities, and comprehensive financial planning solutions.

  • Effectively integrated the Google Analytics 4 API, creating a seamless linkage between internal company API CRUD services and a tailored React Analytical Admin component.

  • Enhanced system functionality through the implementation of dynamic React components to provide user access to a wide range of analytical metrics, encompassing user interaction, average user sessions, and crucial demographic data.

  • Strengthened code security by implementing secured routing, effectively preventing unauthorized users from accessing sensitive user analytical information.

  • Engineered customized API services using C# within the .Net framework, streamlining the generation of specialized analytical data reports.


MoneFi leverages AI-driven technologies to offer an innovative platform featuring an intuitive borrower-lending matching system, enabling customers to discover the best loans for various needs.

  • Enhanced user experience by integrating a dynamic React component customized for a multi-user role dashboard, showcasing personalized data such as proposal information, loan applications, and convenient quick links to various site sections.

  • Developed supplementary components and personalized email templates to facilitate password reset requests for users.

  • Revamped and enhanced pre-existing stored procedures within Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio (SMS) to enable secure end-user password reset and modification functionality.

  • Implemented server-side data validation for modifying user credentials through internal API services using C# within the .NET framework, effectively curbing end-user errors and fortifying security against potential attacks.


GitHub is a life-saver of a tool. It's especially important when you're a developer, as it allows you to capture the history of your work (and there's so much in today's world that can be lost with each update). It's also super convenient if you need to quickly find things again later. I love working on projects and thanks to tool like GitHub I have the ability to show off the work I've accomplished here on my portfolio!


NaLu is a surf based-community App that allows users to share real-time surf reports in local regions. Furthermore, allowing users to share social-media style posts such as images, videos, and custom local pins. To learn more, download the App today!


NaLu originates from a Hawaiian phrase meaning Surging Surf, Wave. This meaning not only encompasses the community of the App but empowers users to seek out new adventures.

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