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Based in Grand Rapids, MI, I specialize in iOS Development and UI/UX Design. I have a passion for the future of mobile design and development. This is the greatest time for innovation and creativity. I welcome you to come to check out my latest projects.

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Who am I?

My name is Sammy Alvarado. I'm a proud United States Marine Veteran who fell in love with design and development. This passion of mine has led me on a life-long journey of discovery and amazement. I was not always a curious developer. As my career background is in business and marketing. During my time as a marketing assistant, I was able to wear many hats in my role which allow me to gain experience in Design, Social-Media Development, and insight into Software Development.

With this newfound spark, I made one of my life's most challenging decisions, to change industries. In the pursuit of becoming a software developer in iOS development. As an iOS developer working with iOS, macOS and most Apple products has given me a better insight into the everyday technologies I use and the vision to help develop new software to better the lives of everyday users. Development is not easy and is challenging which is why I love it. I am a person always seeking new challenges and puzzles that will allow my creative nature to grow.

My Selected Projects


Please come back soon to see my latest featured projects. In the meantime check out my past work on GitHub


Like many developers, GitHub is a life-saving tool that allows us to capture the history of our projects. Allowing us to preserve work for future development and debugging. Come check out my past work to better understand my development process.


NaLu is a surf based-community App that allows users to share real-time surf reports in local regions. Furthermore, allowing users to share social-media style posts such as images, videos, and custom local pins. To learn more, download the App today!


NaLu originates from a Hawaiian phrase meaning Surging Surf, Wave. This meaning not only encompasses the community of the App but empowers users to seek out new adventures.

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